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      每日翻譯第62期:當你感覺崩潰時要做的7件事Seven Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart

      asura 于2015-08-31 13:49:14發布 l 已有人瀏覽
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      今日翻譯的素材來自小e英語短文欄目,主題介紹了“Seven Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart”當你感覺崩潰時要做的7件事;每日一譯,提升自己。

      The best and the most effective way to free your soul from grief is to talk everything out.

      Concentrate on the things you can really do to change the situation for better.

      Try to do things that will help you release the negativity from your mind.

      Ask yourself for help that you desperately need and I hope you’ll find the answers to all questions.

      Follow your schedule, do regular exercise and set new goals for every day; it will increase your productivity and clear your mind from negative thoughts.

      When your mind is a mess and you notice nothing except negativity, you should stop and recollect all things you are grateful for.

      You can turn your past negative experience into a productive and positive one in the future.

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